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Exotic Flowers - Lotus   

Lotus - Nelumbo -
An extraordinary flower, the lotus is sacred in Hinduism and Buddhism. The petals are in an intriguing arrangement such that one comes after another without an end. In Chinese and Vietnamese, its name means 'flower of endless petals'. Dwarf lotus can be grown as a pot plant. The large bloom, lasting 3 to 6 days, is strikingly beautiful and exotically fragrant. The seedpod is yellow on a newly-opened lotus, it then turns green and remains for 6 weeks. These dry seedpods are very decorative in flower arrangements. The seeds can survive after hundreds of years. Outdoor, it's hardy to zone 4 (as long as the tuber is kept from freezing).

Pricing for all Lotus :
Lotus Tuber - $35.00 each
Potted Plant - $45.00 each
Multi-plants in one pot - $55

Lotus Seeds - $1 for each packet of 2 seeds (single pink only)

Dwarf Lotus - Nelumbo 'Momo Botan' - Double Pink
Deep rosy red double flowers, lasting up to 6 days -
Suitable for small pond, tub, or pot
Grows to 3 feet high 


Dwarf Lotus - Nelumbo 'Chawan Basu' - Single White 
White flowers  with pink tips, 5 inches across
Leaves to 15 inches across
A Japanese lotus, grows to 3 feet high
Good for containers, tubs, or pots
Lotus - Nelumbo 'Mrs. Perry D. Slocum' - Double Rose
A modern hybrid that is spectacular!
Double flowers, 10-inch across, rosy red on first day, rose-yellow mix on second day, creamy yellow-white on third day. Leaves 16 to 20 inches across. Height: 5 feet.
Lotus - Nelumbo nucifera, Egyptian Lotus - Single Pink
This sacred lotus has lovely bright pink flowers -
Easier to grow than most lotus

Lotus - Empress - Single White with Red
White flowers with pink-red edges -
Beautiful and exotic!
Lotus - Nelumbo Lutea, American Lotus - Single Yellow  
Creamy yellow flowers -
Round seeds as opposed to oval/elliptical seeds in Asian lotus.
Very hardy native plant, surviving in the wild in North America.
Lotus - First Lady - Single Red 
Lavender-Red flowers -

Growing Instructions Tubers are available in April and early May. Strong plants that receive good care will bloom in August and September, even in the first year. Potted plants are available throughout summer.
Follow this link for more detailed instructions by 
Montreal Botanical Garden: http://www2.ville.montreal.qc.ca/jardin/en/info_verte/feuillet_lotus/feuillet_lotus.htm
Lotus tuber at various stages :
Dwarf lotus tubers :


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