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Exotic Fruits - Dragon Fruit.  



Dragon Fruit
Hylocereus Undatus -

Cutting 10cm long or more - $8.00 each

Small plant - 

Plant in 4" pot - $10.00 each

Plant in 5" pot - $15.00 each  

Mid-size plant
Plant in 6" pot - $20.00 each
Plant in 7" pot - $35.00 each

Big plant
Plant in 8" pot - $45.00 each

Dragon 1

Dragon fruit (Pink outside, White ínide)

$1 = 10 seeds
Y Dragon

Dragon frui (Yellow Outside, White Ínide)
Hylocereus megalanthus, Yellow pitahaya, Yellow pitayas"

$1 = 10 seeds

cactus pear



Cactus Pear: (red-fleshed, red-skin)
Opuntia ficus-indica 'red'
This cactus plant has flattened and elongated edible pads. These pads are hairless and do not have any spines. It has yellow flowers and reddish coloured fruit."

$1 = 5 seeds
cactus pearcactus flower Little Dragon Fruit, Zigzag Cactus Fruit
Selenicereus Anthonyanus, Cryptocereus anthonyanus- 






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